Our sponsorships

FLO is proud to be involved and provide its support to the academic, athletics and cultural sectors of its community.

Given their formative and enriching nature, we believe athletics and education to be the two main pillars of the next generation’s development which is why we are eager to support their access for all.

FLO partners with young athletes nurturing the desire to perform and shine on the international stage. Being a world class athlete requires discipline and hard work which we are proud to support. Help on this journey is always beneficial!

Simon Fournier

Member of the National Alpine Ski Team

Émeraude Maheux

Member of the national snowboard team in slope style and Big Air!

Hannah & Jared Schmidt

Members of the Canadian Ski Cross Team and Canadian delegation at Beijing 2022

808 Bonneville Challenge

Event for the benefit of the FAEQ

The Montreal Carabins Alpine Ski Team

La Traversée Foundation in Mont-Tremblant

(palliative home care)